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Meeting Silvan Ridge

Have you ever wondered who was behind that delicious bottle of Silvan Ridge Pinot Noir? Or maybe it’s our exquisite Muscat you just can’t get enough of. Well, I’d like to introduce you to who we are.

Silvan Ridge all began because of this lady…

Carolyn Silva Chambers, my grandmother


Carolyn purchased Hinman Vineyards in 1991 and quickly began a new label, Silvan Ridge, named after her parents, Julio and Elizabeth Silva. Carolyn was quite the businesswoman and had a lot on her plate, so she handed off management of the winery to her oldest daughter, my mom, Liz.
Me on the left, my mom, Liz, on the right.


Liz Chambers has been running the winery on a day-to-day basis since 1994, and purchased the winery in May 2012 after Carolyn passed away. (We all miss her, but can toast her every time we have a glass of SR wine!) What was once something that was thrown at Liz, with hopes of being a fun and successful venture has now become a successful business, passion, and hobby.

Now you might be wondering where I fit in to all of this. Well, I have grown up around the winery, I was born the same year it was purchased and thus don’t really remember life without it.  Fast-forward 21 years and I am a senior at the University of Oregon about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business. I went over to my moms for dinner and was sitting at the table along with my sister and fiancé (now husband) and blurted out “I think I’d like to come work for you at the winery mom”.  The next thing you know I have my diploma in hand and show up to work at the winery. I dabbled in retail, spent my fair share in production during harvest, and have now planted myself into marketing and creating this blog.

With this blog, I hope to give you a little insight into the wine industry. There will be posts about recipes to try, cork and wine bottle projects, life at the winery, wine events, and more.

I would love to hear your feedback and encourage you to leave comments and suggestions anytime!



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