Winemaking at Silvan Ridge in Eugene, Oregon

Juan Pablo “JP” Valot

Silvan Ridge Winemaker JP Valot

Juan Pablo Valot has worked for Silvan Ridge Winery for the last twelve years and became the Winemaker in August 2012. Juan Pablo “JP” was born in Mendoza, the heart of Argentina’s wine country.  JP completed a five year degree in Agricultural Sciences, with a focus in Enology and Viticulture at the National University of Cuyo. After graduation, JP worked as an enologist for Esmeralda, one of the Catena wineries. In 2001, he came to Oregon looking for new challenges and was attracted by Oregon’s growing wine industry. Shortly after, he met his wife Doris and both decided to settle in Oregon.

Before working for Silvan Ridge, Juan Pablo worked for Willamette Valley Vineyards, Soter Vineyards, and Dobbes Family Estate. JP’s qualifications include 12 years of winemaking experience between 15 vintages in Oregon and Argentina. He has played multiple roles in Oregon’s wine industry including winemaker, vineyard manager, and educator, and was appointed by the Governor to be a member of the Oregon Wine Board. JP is a well-rounded wine professional who understands the winemaking process from the vine to glass. He brings his strong educational and professional experience to Silvan Ridge but most importantly, he brings his passion and commitment to making high-quality wine.

“It’s an amazing time to be growing grapes and making wine in Oregon,” says JP.  “Innovation is happening all around us.  For example, Silvan Ridge will be the first winery in the Northwest to use ozone in the vineyard.  Ozone has been used in the winery for several years, and now we’re extending the application to the vineyard.

Using a brand new, state-of-the-art ozone delivery system, we’ll be reducing chemical use in the vineyard by spraying ozonated water.  Implementing this technology will eliminate pesticide usage in our vineyard, which in turn prevents harmful pollutants from ever entering the groundwater.

Looking ahead, I see no slowdown in the rapid innovation taking place within the world of wine and I’m honored to be a part of it.  I’ll amend my first statement…it’s an amazing time to be drinking Oregon wines!”


We are very proud to be a part of this historic effort. Read more about the project here >>>

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